To paraphrase Adam Orth; Creative Director for ThreeOneZero and ADR1FT: “We don’t have guns but we do have strawberries, lettuce, and butterflies…”

I created a wide range of particle systems using GPU, Imposter, Mesh, and standard UE4 based emitters. Lead Engineer Omar Aziz and I also created a custom lens flare tool.




The climax of ADR1FT features a reentry plasma effect

VIDEO LINK – Reentry Plasma

Sequence: My primary reference for the sequence was NASA’s Orion Spacecraft Reentry footage. The effect is a placeable Blueprint actor that’s placed in front of the escape craft in ADR1FT.



Reentry Technical Breakdown

VIDEO LINK – Reentry Plasma Blueprint



The butterflies in ADR1FT are almost always overlooked as they appear in a beat where time is of the essence. These particles are mesh emitters with collision to keep them inside their container. Often one would sneak through and while developing I’d encounter a random butterfly in the world. Isn’t that neat?

VIDEO LINK – Butterflies in Zero G

My thinking was this:

The blue butterflies are having the time of their lives in zero-g and are celebrating their new found flying movements.

The white butterflies are a Hardiman-grown species and they still can’t seem to find their bearings in zero-g. Not all science tinkering goes as planned.

The orange butterflies couldn’t care less…




Fire behaves very interestingly in space. Based on an experiment aboard the International Space Station, I developed one of these flaming “jellyfish” as an emitter.