Movie Pack DLC – Processor

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I was responsible for the meta layout, set dressing, lighting, atmospherics, VFX, collision work, memory and performance optimization, and the non-playable vignette. The map you see here is all about silhouette and crushed darkness. Most of the lighting is atmospheric. All of it is fully dynamic. No baked lights were used. Deferred lighting is fun.

The intent is to allow Xenos to emerge from darkness in many areas, without being seen in stark silhouette until the timing is right. It’s intentionally Xeno-biased. The fog gradients, sheets, and particles are used in the images below to soften the view, keeping with the cool tones seen in the film where the Marines first arrive here. The fire pit lends the sole color balance to all the cool tones, aside from the vignette looking out into the plant’s vast interior cavern. So, it takes place in no particular timeframe, but I found the first appearance of the APP more interesting from a TDM viewpoint. We kept it tight and quiet from a color as well as audio standpoint.

Trivia !!!  – The small “office” in ‘Processor’ is a shout out to Tim Burton’s BATMAN. The first scene of this  film takes place at Acton Lane power station outside London, the same place where the Atmospheric Processor was filmed.