Nightworld UI

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Store_Concept 3
Credit: Artist Extraordinaire Jae Tsai: Weapons, Head, Chest, Pack, and Credits icons. Phroilan Gardner: player model and texture. Glu Mobile:style reference, menu tab icon designs.

I helped develop and implement the game’s UI and in game HUD. This included layout work and asset development.

Design provided design docs for the HUD. I created all the source assets for the UI and HUD sans assets listed above. I also provided the absolute and relative layout and, accordingly, the Source, Destination, and Format data needed to land the art on the device.

I also designed the Items icons and envisioned them as a sort of bacterium just to make the game all that more happy-go-lucky.

Download it on iTunes and give it a tap-whirl. It just feels right.


In-game Screens


Source and Layout Concepts