David Flamburis

Art Director / Lead Artist / Sr. Artist

Boston, MA

I’ve worked in the industry as an Art Director, Lead Artist, and Senior Artist. I’m a highly motivated, decisive, and endlessly enthusiastic team leader as well as content developer. I’m a project and discipline evangelist, a torch bearer, and I have carried projects across the finish line. My goal is to continue to develop and craft unique game experiences, share my insight and knowledge, and build momentum both within and across teams and have an amazing time doing so. I absolutely love what I do.

SKILLS & PROFICIENCIES________________________________________

Art Direction. Style development. Visual targets. Technical targets

Team management, art management, cross-department communication, cultural development

Staunch follower and teacher of Csikszentmihalyi Flow Principles and Flow Activity

Expert level command of Unreal Engine technology and development processes, including run-time content management, level art, VFX, lighting, level layout and flow, content development

Meets memory, performance, and milestone goals regardless of platform or deadline, without sacrificing quality

Expert level command of 3ds max modeling and texturing workflows

Content development from conception through optimization

Can initiate visual direction without specific concepts or designs

Expert level pipeline development for content

Strong technical art skills

Unreal Engine 3, 3ds max, Mudbox, Sculptris, ClayTools, Photoshop, Crazy Bump, STGPro, Movie Edit Pro

Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, Nintendo Wii

30+ shipped titles

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE________________________________________

Demiurge Studios, Cambridge, MA     2005 – 2013

Lead / Senior Artist

Art Direction

Motivation and momentum

Mentor for artists and designers, including training in tools, method, and technique

Process definition and documentation for Production

Scope and Milestone Definition for Production

Pre-Production through Optimization development

Technical leadership

Optimization leadership

Senior Content developer

UI developer

Projects include:

ALIENS: Colonial Marines – Bug Hunt DLC and Escape Mode

Senior and Lead Artist for Bug Hunt DLC and Escape Mode maps:

Map art. Map design. Lighting and Atmospherics. VFX. Optimization


Level art, level design, and concept art for the game’s ‘Lighthouse-to-Rapture’ playable intro level

Art Deco style asset development for use throughout the city


Developed the ‘Fyrestone Arena’ MP map

Rock Band – Green Day

Senior and Lead Artist – Venues, Playback media, Post Process

Simultaneous Xbox360, PS3, Wii development and optimization for Venues and in-game HUD

The Nightworld( UDK iOS)

Senior and Lead Artist for map development, map design, lighting, VFX, UI design and development

Optimization: Simultaneous optimization iPad3, iPad4, iPhone3, and iPhone4

Microsoft Incubation Lab R&D (Kinect – Xbox360 \ Unreal Engine 3)

Senior and Lead Artist:

Art Direction. Brand parity. Map development and design. Lighting and Atmospherics. VFX. Optimization

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Senior and Lead Artist: Remagen Multiplayer Map

Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood

Multiplayer Level Artist


SensAble Technologies, Inc., Woburn, MA      2004 – 2005

Product Consultant – ClayTools 1.0

Provided UX feedback for haptic 3D modeling hardware and software

Co-developed workflows tailored towards Hi-to-Lo-poly content development as well as product workflow documentation


Harmonix Music Systems, Cambridge, MA     2003 – 2004


Developed venues for Karaoke Revolution Vol’s 1, 2, 3

Trained artists on content modeling, texturing, game lighting, and optimizing techniques

Met performance and memory specs, resulting in a steady 60 Hz playback under all game conditions

Prototyped and Optimized Eye Toy: Anti-Grav for Playstation 2


Papyrus Racing Games, Concord, MA      1994 – 2002

Studio Art Director / Associate Art Director / Senior Artist

Established and maintained brand vision

Supervised the project work of internal and external artists

Employee recruitment, project staffing, and performance reviews

On-site project facilitation for outsourced art team (St. Petersburg, RU)

Developed assets for numerous company products

Extensive field work experience gathering “as built” race track data. Created field guide for deployed contractors and employees

Department coordinator and supervisor for all licensing-based approvals for NASCAR Racing products

Department coordinator and supervisor for all race track data

Developed collateral for PR and Marketing, including product logos, internal sales comps, cross-sponsor promotional products, box cover touch up, authenticity support

Major participant and consultant for numerous Racing-media PR campaign


Swain School of Design, New Bedford, MA

BFA, Sculpture