Talk about a High Energy project ! From start-to-finish, we went ALL OUT bringing Green Day to ROCK BAND. This was an all-hands-on-deck project and everyone wore so many hats and wore them well at that! Project-wise, I got down into the tech like a kid in a candy store ! What an engine.

For ROCK BAND: Green Day my buddy, artist Katie Stampf and I created the Milton Keyes Arena. I also developed the FOX theater. I did a tremendous amount of camera work, post process VFX, incorporated all of the 21st Century Breakdown video screen movie vignettes and even made some of my own when source was not available. I simultaneously worked to optimize the 360, PS3, and Wii platforms. We branched, multi-tasked, and surrounded ourselves with dev kits, TV’s, instruments, and created our own tech cockpits that pretty much wrapped around us.


Media Gallery:

Post process VFX, camera work, crowd tech work, venue development, video monitor development and workflow, video screen media development and workflow.


Post Process Gallery:

I developed a suite of post process effects to enhance the experience on a per-song basis as well as to give different Green Day eras (Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown) distinctive styles and textures. In amongst this work I did a lot of trippy effects 0ne would expect from a ROCK BAND game.


Content Development:

I nice collection of Venue Concepts, Progress shots in HARMONIX’s engine, Mudbox shots of the Warrior statue flanking the FOX Theater proscenium, and the statue in the UDK (I couldn’t help setting it up here.)


Drunken Bunny T-Shirt:

I made a design for a t-shirt for the team. We had them printed out for everyone on the project. I took the shot of the bunny on-stage during a concert, added style in the manner of our UI, using elements created by UI artist Kristin Palach, and sent it off to the silkscreener. Basically it’s a riff off of our Drunken Bunny LOADING screen.  We wear it at Green Day shows. Hey, why not?